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Evandes helps you create more value through innovation & creativity. I can help you with (product) strategic advice and find creative solutions to your problems by introducing you to new technology, business models and markets. Don’t expect extensive reports that end up in drawers but plain and simple ideas and advice that lead to value creation.

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With extensive experience in telecom and Internet of Things, I want to help you further connect your business, objects & people. With my extended network I can also connect you to the right partners and remain the agnostic partner you want me to be.

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You want to keep control over your business and processes. I can help when you have open positions essential for business or project continuation. Contact me if you have trouble filling temporary open positions in product management, product ownership, business consultancy or business development.


Why hire Evandes?
"Evandes strongly believes in joined value creation"

Evandes is founded by IoT & Telecom professional Thijs van de Sande. His mission is to continuously optimise the value of organisations, products and services by exchanging assets, knowledge, insights and skills through strong partnerships. With 10+ years experience creating strategies, building products, services and solutions for start-ups, mobile operators, OEMs, service providers and other large, medium and small enterprises Evandes has the tool- skill- and mindset to optimize value chains and bring concepts successfully to life, or to fill in temporary positions in your business.

Evandes has a successful track record in the Internet of Things (IOT), Machine - to - Machine (M2M) , Software, IT, Telecom and the Creative industries.

  • Get help with product management, marketing, software development & more.

  • Get help in your search for new concepts, partners or technology.

  • Get help with IoT and technology and learn to improve your business and create value.

  • Get help with problems or your needs for fresh insights and new ideas.

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