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Expand revenue, reduce costs, stay ahead of the competition
through the three C's of Evandes' business strategy framework.
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Create value through innovation. Innovation through new technology, business models and markets.

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Connect your business, objects & people in an open and connected eco-system. Enable the Internet of Things

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Control and manage your business and processes. Explore efficiency strategies and focus on optimization.

About us

The strenghts of Evandes
"Evandes strongly believes in joined value creation"

Our mission is to continuously optimize the value of organizations, products and services by exchanging assets, knowledge, insights and skills through strong partnerships and by applying an approach that Evandes likes to call "Smartifying". With 10+ years experience creating strategies, building products, services and solutions for start-ups, mobile operators, OEMs, service providers and other large, medium and small enterprises Evandes has the tool- skill- and mindset to optimize value chains and bring concepts successfully to life.

Evandes has a successful track record in the following industries: Internet of Things (IOT), Machine - to - Machine (M2M) , Software, IT, Telecom and the Creative industries.

  • Connectivity, technology & more

  • New insights through creativity

  • How to expand and grow

  • Expand and grow

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